sydenham dam

Sept. 9, 2021 - Cataraqui Conservation along with regional Water Managers are set to begin seasonal water level adjustments on managed lakes within the Cataraqui Region.

Every fall, following the summer recreation season, water levels on managed lakes (a lake with a water control structure such as a dam) are drawn down by Cataraqui Conservation staff to create more capacity for fall rains, runoff from spring snow melt and rainfall. It’s also done to try and stabilize water levels prior to winter freeze-up to promote a stable ice surface throughout the winter.

Adjustments will be made by staff over the coming weeks and months resulting in water level decreases at the following Cataraqui Conservation managed dams (lakes):

  • Wilton Road Dam (Odessa Lake)
  • Sydenham Lake Dam
  • Temperance Lake Dam
  • Fred Grant Dam (Lees Pond)
  • Broome-Runciman Dam (Buell’s Creek Reservoir at the Mac Johnson Wildlife Area)

Depending on rainfall, water levels may fluctuate through the fall, but it is expected that drawdowns will be completed by December.

Higher flows will result downstream from these managed lakes over this period of operation.

Residents are reminded to use caution and stay away from dams (inflow and outflow channels) and fast flowing watercourses. Respect the hazards in these areas by obeying all warning signs, booms, buoys, and barriers. Stay well back from the water’s edge above and below dams and hydroelectric stations. Creek banks and lake shorelines may be slippery, increasing the chance of falling in.

Other Water Managers are performing similar operations this fall. The following link has a list of water control structures and owners in the area: