In 2011 Cataraqui Conservation began a climate change research project at Lemoine Point Conservation Area. This project focuses on forestry and the ability of tree species to adapt to climate change. As part of this project we planted a test plot of Bur Oak and other southern hardwood species near the south (Front Road) entrance to Lemoine Point.


We expect that climate change will have a significant effect on our forests including their ability to adapt genetically. Forests could suffer due to temperature and weather extremes and be unable to regenerate themselves locally or to migrate by natural means of wind, water and animals.

One of the ways to ensure that our forests continue to remain productive and healthy environments is to plant seed of species that originate in a warmer area than our current climate zone. In other words, to assist the migration of southern species to the north.

Project Details

The planting site is located to the south and west of the south parking lot at the Front Road entrance to the Lemoine Point Conservation Area. This site was chosen for its accessibility and visibility as well as being outside of the restricted height area adjacent to the airport. It is also partially fenced. Additional fencing will need to be installed to prevent deer from entering the plantation area.

Bur Oak was selected as the main species for this site because it is a native oak species that is suitable for the clay soils that are found in this location. Some of the seedlings will come from Tennessee, Pennsylvania and southwestern Ontario. Planting for the project begin in the spring of 2012.

The planting will also include other mixed southern hardwood species and a buffer of Norway Spruce surrounding the plantation.

Before the site was planted a lot of work went into the prep stage. The site had to be mowed and herbicide applied to reduce the amount of vegetation in the areas where the trees will be planted. This will give the trees a good chance to become established.

Once the trees were planted, tree guards are installed on the trees to prevent voles and rabbits from damaging them. Ongoing maintenance will include mowing and herbicide application as needed.

Weather monitoring equipment will also be installed on the site.

Project Partners

Partners for this project include:

  • Cataraqui Conservation
  • Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Forest Gene Conservation Association
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • Forests Ontario
  • Frontenac Stewardship Council
  • Lennox and Addington Stewardship Council
  • Friends of Lemoine Point

For more information

If you would like more information about this project please contact:

Rick Knapton, Cataraqui Conservation Forestry Coordinator