Cataraqui Conservation is one of the few Conservation Authorities in Ontario that provides boat ramps and water access points. Provision of public access to the large number of recreational lakes in our jurisdiction has been a long-standing commitment of this Authority.

What is the difference between a boat ramp and a water access point? Generally a boat ramp has a launching area for larger boats with trailers. Often there is a dock and mooring facilities. Water access points are intended to be used only for launching canoes and other small craft.

Boat Ramps

Be respectful to other users, please do not moor your boat overnight at docks.

  • Charleston Lake - in Charleston village at the foot of Water St. (Athens Township)
  • Eloida Lake - northwest side of Eloida Lake (Athens Township)
  • Hay Bay - northwest of Dorland on the south shore of Hay Bay (Town of Greater Napanee)
  • Henry Street - at the foot of Henry St. in Brockville on the St. Lawrence River (City of Brockville)
  • Loughborough Lake - at Perth Rd., Country Rd. 10 (South Frontenac Township)
  • Outlet - southwest tip of Charleston Lake, off County Rd. 3 (Leeds & the Thousand Islands Township)
  • Seeley's Bay - northwest of Seeley's Bay, on Haskins Point Rd. (Rideau Lakes Township)
  • Sydenham Lake - northwest end of Sydenham Lake on Wilmer Rd. (South Frontenac Township)

Water Access Points

  • Collins Creek - southwest Collins Creek, at Perth Rd., County Rd. 10
  • Cronk Lake - northwest Cronk Lake at Bedford Rd., County Rd. 19
  • Elbow Lake - Elbow (Pearkes) Lake on Salmon Lake Rd. (the road to Frontenac Provincial Park)
  • Gould Lake Conservation Area - at the beach
  • Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area - at the warming huts
  • Lyndhurst Lake - in the village of Lyndhurst at the foot of Ford St.
  • Mac Johnson Wildlife Area - north end of the property near the skating shelter
  • Mac Johnson Wildlife Area - off Centennial Rd. near the Broome-Runciman Dam
  • Purdy - Millhaven Creek at Hwy. 38, Murvale