Lakes of the Cataraqui Region

The numerous lakes of the Cataraqui Region are highly diverse and important watershed features providing habitat for wildlife, recreational opportunities, sources of drinking water, and are a cornerstone of many local businesses. As part of its conservation mandate, Cataraqui Conservation works with partners to understand, communicate, and protect the health of the lakes. We are one of 36 watershed-based agencies within Ontario dedicated to the conservation and protection of the natural environment through a variety of management tools including land ownership, education, monitoring, reporting, restoration, and regulation.

Lake Reporting Dashboard

Cataraqui Conservation has created an online Lake Reporting Dashboard to access lake-specific information and resources to learn about the character of our lakes, what vulnerabilities are impacting them and what actions you can take combat cumulative impacts that compromise lake heath. 

The dashboard is best viewed on a desktop.


Monitoring & Reporting Lakes

There are many factors that influence our lakes including nutrient loading, invasive species, development pressure and climate change. By collecting information through lake monitoring programs, it is possible to accumulate enough data to be able to identify concerns, issues, or special features. This information is crucial to inform effective program development to protect and improve lake ecosystem health and resiliency.

There are numerous partnerships and programs that aim to collect and/or analyze lake data within the region. Some of these programs rely on volunteer sampling efforts. This valuable data supplements scientific research efforts by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, local academic institutions, and the Cataraqui Conservation. In addition, there are several lake associations in the Cataraqui Region that have an active role in determining lake health and providing a cumulative voice for issues facing their respective lakes.


Previous Lake Reporting Data

Cataraqui Conservation 2017 Lake Assessment Report. As part of this work, individual lake fact sheets were produced for 45 lakes in the region that have information from 2009 to 2015. These fact sheets provide maps, note the physical features, assess water quality, identify the invasive species and outline aquatic diversity.

Lake Protection Workbook

Waterfront property owners can use the Lake Protection Workbook to identify any shoreline problems and how to solve them. The Workbook is available as a digital download below. Alternatively, printed copies can be purchased through Watersheds Canada.

Download a digital copy of the Workbook
lake protection workbook cover