Cataraqui Conservation owns and manages over 4,700 hectares of environmentally significant lands for the protection of vulnerable habitat, watershed management, and valuable natural resources. These properties are key in preserving and improving the sustainability of native plant and animal species, offering protected spaces for them to thrive and grow, as well as continuing to enhance the important concept of biodiversity throughout the Cataraqui watershed.

close up of a tree branch

Forest Protection Properties:

  • Clancy (Town of Greater Napanee)
  • Bastard and South Burgess (Township of Rideau Lakes)
  • Eden Grove (Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands)
  • Marble Rock (Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands)
  • Larue Mills (Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands)
  • Vandewal (Township of South Frontenac)


    Cataraqui Conservation has the following environmental protection and water management properties (three of which contain provincially significant wetlands):

    • Little Cataraqui Creek Marshlands: an ongoing acquisition project, have been purchased to protect wetlands and floodplains from being developed. A portion of the property is available for public use.
    • Millhaven Reservoir: protected to provide a safe water supply for the village of Odessa.
    • Bayly Conservation Reserve: a land donation to Cataraqui Conservation by the Bayly family.
    • Lees Pond: a water management property containing a dam and pond that play an important role in maintaining water levels on Lyn Creek.
    • Bayview Wetland: ongoing acquisition project to protect environmentally sensitive lands.
    • Owl Woods: habitat protection. A portion of the property is available for public use.