One of the Cataraqui Conservation's primary responsibilities is the management of water. Our focus is protecting natural waterways, controlling flooding and maintaining water levels during the drier summer months.

water control structure

To control flooding and to maintain water levels throughout the drier summer months, Cataraqui Conservation has constructed dams, reservoirs, channels and detention basins. Although flooding has not been a major problem on the inland lakes in our watershed, it has been an occasional challenge in some of our urban areas. The operation of these water control structures minimizes the impact of major storms. Catarqui Conservation does not operate dams or control the water levels on Lake Ontario or the St. Lawrence River.

Cataraqui Conservation Water Control Structures

  • Sydenham Lake (South Frontenac)
  • Millhaven Dam and Reservoir (Loyalist)
  • Highgate Creek Channelization (Kingston)
  • Little Cataraqui Creek Sam and reservoir (Kingston)
  • Temperance Lake Dam (Athens)
  • Marsh Bridge (Front of Yonge)
  • Fred Grant Dam & Lees Pond Dyke (Elizabethtown-Kitley)
  • Broome-Runciman Dam & Reservoir (Elizabethtown-Kitley, Brockville)
  • Buells Creek Detention Basin (Brockville)
  • Central Avenue Channelization - Booth Falls Diversion (Brockville)

Operating any water control structure is a balancing act. In time of high or low water flow, upstream and downstream water control requirements often conflict. For example maintenance of lake levels for recreation may conflict with downstream needs for water supplies. Staff continuously monitor and adjust water flow and retention to balance these sometimes conflicting needs.

Other Water Control Structures

There are lakes throughout our watershed that are controlled by dams owned and operated by other agencies or private companies. These dams are operated for a variety of purposes including power generation, navigation and water management. Cataraqui Conservation works closely with these water managers but does not have control over how these structures are operated.

See a complete list of dams and their owners within the Cataraqui watershed.