winter on the cataraqui trail

The Cataraqui Trail has been there for all of us throughout the pandemic. It gives us a place to find peace, and enjoy nature, while we re-energize. Stretching 104km from Strathcona in the west to Smith Falls in the east, the Cataraqui trail gently winds through the rural landscape, passing through small hamlets, villages, and towns along the way. Cataraqui Conservation, with its partners (the Friends of the Cataraqui Trail, Stone Mills Township, Township of South Frontenac, Township of Rideau Lakes and Town of Smith Falls), maintain this pristine Canadian gem, so we can enjoy this trail all year long!  In addition, Cataraqui Conservation and its partners have been successful in obtaining Federal and Provincial grants, as well as Private donations/grants which have assisted in providing funding for several initiatives including signage, trail surface improvements, parking, gates, and bridge re-decking.

While many enjoy the trail, not everyone is aware of what they can do to keep the trail in its current condition and even improve it.

There are four ways you can help the trail:

  • Complete User Survey - Take 5 minutes to fill out the Cataraqui Trail Survey on our website at
  • Become a Friend - Join the Friends of the Cataraqui Trail at It is tax deductible!
  • Purchase Merchandise - Cataraqui Trail merchandise can be purchased at the Outdoor Centre located in the Little Cataraqui Conservation Area, located at 1641 Perth Road in Glenburnie from 9am to 4pm, daily. Photos and pricing are available at
  • Donate - The Cataraqui Trail is a registered charity. Donations of $20, or more, will receive a tax receipt. This can be done from the membership page at

Cataraqui Trail Survey

Thank you to the over 360 people who have already taken the survey! Your feedback helps the Friends of the Cataraqui Trail better understand how you use the trail and any improvements, you would like to see. However, we know that our current response does not fully represent all those who use the trail, or how much the trail is truly loved!

Please take 5 minutes to answer 6 questions. Your input will help to inform decisions about the trail and could assist in securing grants.

Who Are The Friends of the Cataraqui Trail

The Friends of the Cataraqui Trail is a volunteer group that advocates for the sustainability, enjoyment and stewardship of the Cataraqui Trail. We monitor the trail for hazards and maintenance issues. We report these issues to the Cataraqui Conservation. While the Friends group assists with light maintenance, the responsibility of maintaining the trail and the bulk of maintenance is done by Cataraqui Conservation.

While not everyone does hands-on work, this past year, 45 of the over 130 members have:

  • Cut brush
  • Filled holes with gravel
  • Cleared ditches
  • Cut grass
  • Cleaned up picnic areas
  • Pulled and reported on invasive species
  • Checked bridges, signs, gates and barriers
  • Reported on erosion, trail surface issues and evidence of prohibited use

Thank you to all of the members of the Friends of the Cataraqui Trail and the public for helping to make the trail a great place to relax and have fun!

Cataraqui Trail – Merchandise & Donations

You can assist the trail directly by donating, or purchasing merchandise. Trail donations help improve the trail in many ways. Thanks to a private donation and grants, you will soon see improved signage along the trail. Donations help to purchase materials and amenities, like benches.

Thank you to all the donors for 2021 that helped us maintain the trail and add to its enjoyment.

Thank you
Friends of the Cataraqui Trail