normal status

November 15, 2018

The Cataraqui Region Water Response Team (WRT) has downgraded the drought
condition from Level 1 (low) to Normal today.

With the rainfall at the end of October and into November, water levels in the region rose and have stayed at a reasonable level. If the steady rainfall experienced so far in November continues, it is expected that the Normal condition will remain in place. The WRT and Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority will continue to monitor conditions and re-consider the drought level as warranted.

Low water conditions are determined by the Cataraqui Region Water Response Team convened by the CRCA. Membership includes water managers, major water users, public health, agriculture, school boards, marina operators, golf courses, government agencies, dam operators and others.

The WRT initially declared a Minor drought condition on July 19 and maintained that warning level with a subsequent announcement on Aug. 16.

For more information about water level monitoring and potential warnings, please contact the

Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority at 613-546-4228 or 1-877-956-CRCA (2722) or visit