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It is always a pleasurable duty of the chair and members of the Cataraqui Conservation Board to recognize those employees who have hit certain notable milestones in their tenue of service with the organization. This is done at the Annual General Meeting, in front of the Full Authority Board, senior staff and guests, as part of proceedings and the ceremony becomes part of the official record of the organization in perpetuity.

The name of each individual being honoured also goes on a special plaque under the significant yearly milestone. Both the public recognition at the meeting and having their legacy posted on the special plaque are meant to convey the gratitude of the entire organization for their hard work, dedication, and positive contributions to Cataraqui Conservation during their years of service.

rick knapton

Topping the list for the 2022 Staff Years of Service Recognition is Forestry Co-ordinator Rick Knapton, with a remarkable 30-year tenure. Operating from his office and shop at Lemoine Point Conservation Area, Rick is a key member of the Conservation Lands & Operations Team. He is charged with overseeing the Lemoine Point Conservation Area, as well as being responsible for Cataraqui Conservation’s Forestry Program, which has planted 1.5 million trees and counting in the Cataraqui Region. Working alongside the volunteers of the Friends of Lemoine Point, Rick also helps manage the plant nursery and tree/shrub sales fundraising program for the Friends. Tens of thousands of members of the community may know Rick best as the lead pancake flipper during each Maple Madness.

Two staff members reached the two-decade mark with Cataraqui Conservation: Manager of Conservation Lands Tom Beaubiah and Holly Evans, Co-ordinator of Watershed Planning.

tom beaubiah

Tom is a key member of the Conservation Lands and Leadership Team and has been instrumental in providing strategic direction, succession planning, Operations Team oversight and much of the organization’s capital program implementation.


Holly Evans

Holly leads the Cataraqui Conservation Watershed Science program and is responsible for implementing the field-based monitoring programs, such as groundwater and surface water sampling, benthic invertebrate monitoring as well as lake reporting and data management. Earlier in her time with the organization, Holly was instrumental in developing and implementing the Cataraqui Source Protection Plan.


cataraqui conservation staffFour other staff members have hit the five-year milestone, including General Manager Katrina Furlanetto. Kristen Wozniak (Resource Planner), Steve Knapton (Co-ordinator, Operations Planning), and Cole Spence (Conservation Operations).