national day for truth and reconciliation

On this #NationalDayForTruthAndReconciliation, Cataraqui Conservation joins all community members in this moment of reflection about the ongoing painful legacy of the residential school system in Canada, as well as the opportunity to connect with, gain knowledge from, and understanding of the experiences of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

A key part of Cataraqui Conservation’s mission is to preserve, protect and cherish the natural environment and all the beings that reside within it. We do this in collaboration with many individuals and organizations, learning valuable lessons that we then incorporate into our work.

Over the years, our staff and Board has been fortunate to have spent time learning about the culture, heritage, and language of the Indigenous communities with whom we share the Cataraqui watershed; learning about their timeless teachings and ways of respecting and caring for the land, water, the beings, and that we are interconnected to sustain us all. Incorporating traditional knowledge of the land, which goes back many generations before European colonization, into our processes has been invaluable, and a continuing source of enlightenment, understanding and positive action.

The #NationalDayForTruthAndReconciliation, was created to promote awareness of Canada's Residential School System.

Cataraqui Conservation stands with our Indigenous Partner Organizations and the Indigenous Peoples in Canada who continue to be impacted by the residential school system imposed upon them, and through #NationalDayForTruthAndReconciliation, we honour the lost children and survivors of residential schools, their families and communities.

We #WearOrange (#OrangeShirtDay) to remember and mourn the children who never came home from residential schools and encourage everyone to make a personal commitment to take Personal Acts of Reconciliation.