sit spot challenge, person sitting at the base of a tree.

Cataraqui Conservation’s Senior Conservation Educator and Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Stana Luxford Oddie, has devised a unique new challenge to help you enhance your experiences in nature as we move through the merry month of May. It is called the ‘Sit Spot Challenge.’

Who:  All ages.

What: The Sit Spot Challenge.

Where: Perhaps you will choose a Sit Spot near your home such as a back yard or front yard or somewhere easy to get to in your neighbourhood. 

When:  For the month of June – every day if possible or at least as many days as it takes to encourage you into making the Sit Spot a part of your daily routine.

How: The practice of Sit Spot is an invitation to find a place to sit, stand or lie down and be with any or all of your senses to notice what is around you. Often 20 minutes gives the animals a chance to get used to your presence, at which point they will often go back to their business. You don’t have to go far and it’s okay to have a sit spot that is near human activity. I like to remember that nature is all around us including our fellow humans.

Why: Taking time to slow down and be with nature improves mental and physical health and well being. Spending time slowing down to notice life around you such as the trees, rocks, birds and much more fosters relationship and connections which in turn can be of benefit to all beings. When we slow down to notice, we start to deepen our connection and care about the life around and within us.