Junior, Intermediate & Senior Programs

Our Junior and Intermediate Programs accommodate various grade levels, needs, and are designed to be a springboard for action and understanding and strive to be relevant to learners so that they can connect to the natural world through their heard, heart, and hands.

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Programs take place at Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area, Mac Johnson Wildlife Area, or any of our other Conservation Areas upon request.


Programs are two hours in length and available mornings and afternoons. Start times can be flexible. We encourage full day programs and/or partnering with other classes and teachers.


  • $10 per student (min fee of $120).
  • $7 per student attending from the Limestone & Algonquin School Boards (Boards pays $3 subsidy)

Enhance your Health and Physical Education, Science, and Arts curriculum and give your class a wellness experience. A Forest Therapy Walk aka Forest Bathing is an opportunity for everyone to engage with sensory based invitations and sharing throughout in a way that feels comfortable to them. This connective, wellness experience is of benefit to all including the earth. 

Guided by our ANFT certified Forest Therapy Guide, Stana
Luxford Oddie

Through stories and exploratory activities and a game, your students will focus on the vital role that plants play in everyone’s lives. By connecting with plants large, and small including the plants underfoot, students will come away with a new appreciation of plants importance within the environment.  

Through role-playing as either a plant or an animal, students explore marsh, field and forest habitats in this program adapted from the Institute for Earth Education. Students are introduced to the basic needs of the plant or animal they become, why they are important and some interesting facts about their adaptations. Students will leave having a better connection and understanding of the importance of protecting various habitats and the beings that inhabit them.

Grade Specific Enhancements to focus on:  Needs of animal body systems, Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Watershed curriculum links

This physically active simulation game helps students to understand environmental niches, animal adaptations, energy flow, and predator-prey relationships by role-playing the life of an herbivore, omnivore or carnivore. This game is completed with a discussion of how people and limiting factors, such as natural disasters impact on ecosystems.

Your class will enjoy a snowshoe lesson, game and exploration on the land. Learn about snowshoeing techniques, the history and Indigenous lineage of snowshoeing and look for signs of winter plants and animals.

Little Cataraqui Creek CA ONLY

Bring your class out for cross-country ski lessons! The ski rental cost is $10.00 per student in addition to the regular program fee. (Limited to one class per visit due to
equipment availability)

Paired with a good map, and a compass for intermediate – senior grades can help you find almost any place you want to go. This program will challenge your students to experience using a map and compass to find their way. The skills of orienteering can last a lifetime and introduce students to the joys of outdoor recreation.

Students have the opportunity to explore various ecosystems in small groups. They have the challenge of navigating their way to various locations on a map where they are given a group challenge that watershed based and curriculum enriched.  Through this hands on adventure, your students will come away with a feeling of team work, independence and a greater understanding of the importance of watersheds and the positive impacts they can make in their day to day lives.

Students will be introduced to the basic concept of the ecological footprint. Through hands-on indoor and outdoor activities they will examine their own footprint and compare our footprints to those of other cultures. By the end of the program the students will have a basic action plan to reduce their footprint and move towards living more lightly on the earth.