Online Programs

Our Online Programs are here to support teachers and their students deepen their understanding of and build nature relationships. Our educators will work in partnership with teachers in order to curate programs that enrich the curriculum.

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Location & Dates:


Fall Programs (Sept. to Dec.), Winter Programs (Jan. to March), Spring Programs (April to June).


Programs are 1 to 1.5 hours in length and available both morning and afternoons. Start and end times are flexible to adapt to schedules.


  • $3 per student
  • Limestone & Algonquin School Boards contribute $3 per student subsidy.

Your students will explore the season and learn how to be a kind friend to nature with some of our puppet friends, song, story, grade appropriate activities and movement. 

Through a journey, disguised as water droplets students will explore and come to appreciate water as essential to all life.

Learn about maple sap and its discovery by Indigenous Peoples and how those teachings were passed along over time.

Through story, drawing and making friends with a plant, your grade three students will focus on the vital role that plants play in everyone’s lives.

Students explore the need and interconnections of all beings and their role to make positive change in local habitats.

Through sensory and embodiment invitations students are introduced to the concept of their body being their home and how nature connection brings appreciation to of nature’s homes.

Students gain an appreciation for biodiversity and discover how they can act in ways protect the biodiversity around us.

Students will explore ecosystems and gain an understanding of their role in ecosystems and the positive impacts they can have.

Students will be introduced to the importance of water as a core element of all life starting with their own bodies and extending beyond into the concept of the watershed. 

Give your class (and yourself) a wellness break and time to recharge with some relaxed creative writing or art by connecting to nature through an adapted Forest Therapy Experience.