All Conservation Authorities are required to prepare a "Watershed-based Resource Management Strategy” (WRMS) by December 31, 2024. Ontario Regulation 686/21 (as amended) sets out the Mandatory Programs and Services that must be delivered by all Conservation Authorities in Ontario. The Watershed-based Resource Management Strategy is noted in subsections 12 (4) to (9) of the regulation.

The purpose of the WRMS is to assist conservation authorities with evolving or enhancing their programs and services to address or manage local watershed triggers, issues and risks.

The WRMS framework begins with characterizing the watershed using a scientific evidence-based approach, as well as identifying local triggers and issues. Goals and objectives are established to address the triggers and issues that may impact the delivery of Category 1 Mandatory Programs and Services. Next, any gaps in addressing the watershed triggers/issues are identified and assessed (i.e., whether additional programs and services are needed to address the local triggers/issues). The identification of gaps can also help prioritize related Category 2 (municipal) and Category 3 (locally supported) programs and services and open discussion with partner municipalities.

The preliminary draft Watershed-based Resource Management Strategy is provided below. To satisfy the requirements of Ontario Regulation 686/21 staff have undertaken a rigorous review of Cataraqui Conservation’s existing programs and services, and an effectiveness and mitigation measures review was completed to identify areas of need moving forward. The results of this analysis are included in Section 5 and Appendix ‘B’ of the document. An initial 30-day consultation period is open until August 7. A second 30-day consultation period will occur in September 2024.

WRMS documents for review: