fall at little cataraqui creek conservation area

The work of Cataraqui Conservation is important to the overall health, resilience and sustainability of the region’s watershed. With resources stretched tight, the local environmental organization has been the grateful beneficiary of several significant bequests and donations over the years.

Recently, the final installment of a total donation of $64,500 was presented to Cataraqui Conservation by Michael Scrannage and Karen Charlton, to help in ‘fulfilling its mandate of conservation, restoration and management of natural resources'.

The donations, which took place annually from 2016 through 2020, were part of an agreement between Cataraqui Conservation and the Scrannage family to make donations for charitable purposes to the Conservation Authority

Cataraqui Conservation staff and board members, conveyed their sincere and heartfelt appreciation to the family for the generous donations over the past few years, enabling the organization to continue delivering watershed services that conserve, preserve, protect and enhance our natural environment, while promoting sustainable living in our community.

As a neighbour of the Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area, and a long-time supporter of Cataraqui Conservation, the organization passed along their gratitude that the Scrannage family has a firm grasp on how it serves the residents of the Cataraqui Watershed.

For more information on making a donation, contact Cataraqui Conservation at info@crca.ca or visit www.cataraquiconservation.ca.