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Is your Municipality looking to move forward with a project for a new or changing municipal residential drinking water system? Start the conversation with Cataraqui Conservation early to understand the Source Water requirements. These types of projects include but are not limited to:

  • New municipal residential drinking water systems (including communal systems)
  • Changes to existing municipal residential drinking water systems such as:
    • The establishment of a new well
    • Deepening an existing well
    • Increasing the capacity at an existing well
    • Moving an existing intake

Ontario Regulation 205/18 under the Safe Drinking Water Act and Ontario Regulation 287/07 under the Clean Water Act, require Municipalities to work with Source Protection Authorities to ensure these new or changing systems are included in the Source Protection Plan and that municipal residential drinking water sources are protected before drinking water is provided to the public.

Throughout this process there are responsibilities that fall under the Municipality as well as the Source Protection Authority. One of the responsibilities that fall under the Municipality is having technical studies done on the new or changing system. These studies would be required to delineate vulnerable areas around the new or changing system as well as determining vulnerability scores for the aforementioned vulnerable areas, among other requirements.

By consulting with Cataraqui Conservation early, Municipalities can get a better understanding of their responsibilities and meet the requirements of the Clean Water Act and applicable regulations. Understanding the Source Water requirements during the early planning stages will aid in avoiding delays in receiving a drinking water works permit or permit amendment.

For more information contact Cataraqui Conservation's Source Protection Coordinator at kguerette@crca.ca.