source water

The Cataraqui Source Protection Plan and Assessment Report are currently undergoing an amendment. This amendment is occurring for two reasons. The first is due to a revision to the technical rules that guide the development of the Assessment Report and Source Protection Plan. In December of 2021, the Ministry released revised technical rules. As such, the Source Protection Plan and Assessment Report are being amended to adhere to these changes. The second reason is because of a Ministers Order. Section 36 of the Clean Water Act outlines the requirements for an amendment following a Ministers order. Under this order, a comprehensive review of the Source Protection Plan and Assessment Report occurred to identify potential updates. This was summarized in a workplan developed by the Cataraqui Source Protection Committee and Authority. A few of the items included in this amendment are as follows:

  1. Transportation Corridors – Incorporating a new education and outreach policy to address transportation corridor threats
  2. Salt Management Plans - Modifying policies relating to salt management plans to include a requirement to review the plans on a consistent basis
  3. Handling and Storage of Fuel - Modifying policies to adhere to the new technical rules
  4. Liquid Hydrocarbon Pipelines – Drafting new policy to address liquid hydrocarbon pipelines threats

To date, the Cataraqui Source Protection Authority and Committee have made significant progress on draft policy changes and are undergoing a revision to the existing Source Protection Plan Layout. These changes will be brought forward for consultation in 2023. Municipalities have been invited to participate in Working Group Meetings to aid in the development of new and changing policies.

If you have any questions regarding these changes or would like to participate in the next Working Group Meeting please contact Kelsey Guerette, the Source Protection Coordinator at Cataraqui Conservation -