tree nursery and potted trees

Tree & Shrub Sales - Aug. to end of Oct.

The Friends of Lemoine Point will be offering in-person curbside sales of trees and shrubs at the Tree Nursery on Wednesdays from 9:00 am to noon s...
Friends of Lemoine Point Native Plant Sale

Friends of Lemoine Point Native Plant Sale

COVID Safe online sale starts June 9 with first curbside pick-up available June 16, 2021.
barn swallow habitat structure

Barn Swallow Update

Hopefully an encouraging development involves the Barn Swallow kiosk in the south meadow at Lemoine Point.
garlic mustard

Invasives Control Demonstration Area

In the last several months, the Friends have begun a new project in an attempt to draw attention to and show what is possible in the fight to control the growth of invasive plants at Lemoine.

Trilliums at Lemoine Point

Each spring, Lemoine Point’s walkers welcome the sight of trilliums along the trails and the beauty of white blooms carpeting the dappled forest floor, the plants thriving in the warming soil before the trees above them leaf out and block the sunlight.