Trumpeter swan and cygnets

Trumpeter Swans are Canada's largest native waterfowl, stretching to six feet in length and weighing more than 25 pounds. Trumpeter swans have an all black bill and make a sound that truly mimics a trumpet! Their cygnets are grey.

A provincial reintroduction program in the early 1980's has re-established the Trumpeter swan in its former Ontario habitat and range including the Mac Johnson Wildlife Area and local region.

Mute Swans are entirely white with a bill that is orange with a black base. Young swans (cygnets) may be dusky brown-gray all over, with a gray-black bill. Mute Swans spend most of their time floating on the water. They feed by grazing on underwater vegetation in shallow water, tipping up their bodies if necessary. They make no sound and are often found around the 1000 Islands.

mute swan