Friends members at the tree nursery

The Friends‘ nursery located at 4673 Debruge Road is their major fund raiser for projects to improve and maintain the sites and facilities at Mac Johnson Wildlife Area. Other advantages of buying from the Friends include:

  • they sell only trees native to our area. This means they are well established here, free of disease, and they are not invasive.
  • some are sourced from area nurseries as bare root saplings. The Friends add value and double survival rates by potting them in enhanced soil, adding fertilizer and allowing the roots to create a clumped ball.  After 1-2 years growth and scheduled watering, they are ready to sell!

In the photos above Lorri and Blane are potting pitch pine saplings in large pots to allow them growing space. Vicki and Jan are placing the pots in a partially shaded location to assist their survival.

Learn more about the Friends at and consider becoming a member or donating.