FAB summer camp participants at the Friends of Mac Johnson Tree Nursery

Every Wednesday morning in July, young students join us in the nursery as part of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere summer camp program. The children have enjoyed helping to plant hundreds of silver maple tree seeds and transplanting existing tiny trees to larger pots. They go through the process of filling pots with soil, packing it down then planting the seeds (keys) or seedlings and making sure they are watered before storing them in a caged area away from the hungry animals. We also help them to identify the various native trees that we grow through games that they participate in. The many friends volunteers are kept busy interacting with the children. This July has been extremely warm so we make sure they take water breaks and find shady areas to work in. Those not working with the children continue to go about our normal nursery business so there is always a need for more volunteers. If you'd like to become a friends volunteer, click on this link to learn more. https://crca.ca/who-we-are/online-services/membership-fmjwa/ 

FAB summer camp participants with volunteer from the Friends of Mac Johnson Wildlife Area