tree nursery

When we arrived this morning for the final morning of the Friends of Mac Johnson annual Fundraiser Tree Sale, we were greeted by a large snapping turtle laying her eggs. She seemed unperturbed by our presence and went about what a turtle does when laying eggs but since we were expecting customer traffic, we put a table over her area as protection. She later moved towards the fence and crawled under our wheel barrow and was still there when we left. 

snapping turtle laying eggs

We would like to thank everyone who came out to support the Friends of Mac Johnson and purchased trees and/or a membership over the past few weeks and we look forward to seeing you again in the Fall during our Fall Tree Fundraiser Sale. Dates to follow. Monies raised will go towards the up keep of the nursery, purchase of more trees for future sales, maintenance of the walking/hiking/ski trails, signage, food for the swans, installation of a martin and bat house and most importantly, making sure nature has a safe place to survive. When you are finished with the tree pots, please return them to us so we can reuse them for future plants. If we aren’t there, just leave them at the tree nursery gate. Thank you for your support!

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