nature camp participants helping at the tree nursery

Every day of volunteering as a Friend of the Mac Johnson Wildlife area can bring something new to your life. You can enjoy the sounds of nature while volunteering amongst like minded individuals, or as the photo’s show, you can help young people with various tasks such as re-potting trees,  startle yourself and a mourning dove nesting in a tree you are trimming or come upon a raccoon looking for a good meal inside your garbage bin.

mourning dove and raccoon

There is nothing like the great outdoors to revitalize oneself. We invite you to bring the family and utilize the many walking trails, have a picnic under the shelter or down at the pond, visit the beaver dam and of course don’t forget your camera because you never know what you might stumble upon. We are always looking for new members even if you’d rather not volunteer. Click the link below for more member information and we hope to see you at our fall tree sale coming up in September.

Membership Information