cataraqui conservation administration office

Cataraqui Conservation’s Board is pleased to announce that at it’s Annual General Meeting, held virtually on Jan. 26, 2022, the Full Authority Board elected a new chairperson and vice-chairperson for 2022.

Cataraqui Conservation is managed by board members appointed by the municipalities within its jurisdiction. It is the board members responsibility to represent the views of the citizens within their respective municipalities using a watershed-based approach. As per Cataraqui Conservation’s Administration By-Law and new Conservation Authorities Act regulations, a chair or vice-chair shall hold office for a term of one year and shall serve for no more than two consecutive terms.

Paul McAuley, a citizen appointee representing Loyalist Township, was elected the chairperson, while Township of Rideau Lakes Councillor Claire Smith is the new vice-chairperson for the remainder of this fiscal year.

McAuley, has been on the Full Authority Board since 2019. As a regular board member, he has held roles such as chairperson of the Personnel Committee, vice-chairperson of the Planning & Permitting Ad Hoc Committee and also sat on the Budget Review Committee in 2020. Last year, as vice-chairperson of the Board, he continued to be the chairperson of the personnel committee and vice-chair of the Planning & Permitting Ad Hoc Committee, as well as being a member of the Budget Review Committee and Administration Facility Ad Hoc Committee.

Smith has represented Rideau Lakes on the Full Authority Board since 2017. She has served on the Personnel Committee for the last three years, and has been on the Planning & Permitting Ad Hoc Committee since 2020.

Stepping down as chairperson from the Board upon reaching his term limit is Alan Revill. Revill has represented South Frontenac on the Full Authority Board since 2015 and was first elected chairperson in 2017, before his latest tenure in 2021. He is one of two elected Councillors for Bedford District in South Frontenac and is one of two township representatives on Frontenac County Council.

At the Cataraqui Conservation AGM, Revill was lauded for his leadership within the organization, particularly with navigating budget pressures, exploration for a new Administration Facility, support during the recent changes as a result of a provincial review and update to the Conservation Authorities Act which outlines programs and services of conservation authorities, and the coinciding global COVID-19 pandemic.

Revill remains a member of the Full Authority Board of Cataraqui Conservation and was re-appointed to represent the organization at Conservation Ontario Council, where he was re-acclaimed as vice-chairman. Conservation Ontario is a non-profit association representing the 36 Conservation Authorities in Ontario. The organization fulfills several important roles within the conservation movement and works cooperatively with other environmental agencies as well as acting as a liaison and advocate for conservation measures with the Ontario government.

Cataraqui Conservation staff would like to thank Councillor Revill for his commitment, leadership, and support, and looks forward to working alongside Mr. McAuley and Councillor Smith during their terms.

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