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Members of the Economic sector and Community in the Cataraqui Region are invited to submit expressions of interest for one of the following positions on the Cataraqui Source Protection Committee (SPC).

1. Economic (Agriculture) Representative
2. Community (Lake Association) Representative

This is an opportunity to contribute to the quality of life in local communities.

Committee Overview
The Cataraqui SPC was formed in 2007 to guide the protection of drinking water
sources in the Cataraqui Source Protection Area. It is one of 19 committees established across Ontario under the Clean Water Act, 2006.

The SPC oversees the preparation, implementation and amendment of technical report and drinking water source protection policies, along with related public and stakeholder consultation processes. A Cataraqui Source Protection Plan was approved by the Province of Ontario in 2014 and is now implemented across the area.

The SPC members are appointed by the Cataraqui Source Protection Authority, plus a Chair who is appointed by the Ontario Minister of Environment Conservation and Parks. The members represent municipal, economic, industry and community sectors, and work together to support a shared goal of clean and plentiful drinking water sources.

More information about the Cataraqui Source Protection Committee can be found at www.cleanwatercataraqui.ca

Roles & Obligations of Committee Members

  • Act as a liaison between their sector (municipal, economic, industry, community) and the SPC
  • Regularly participate at SPC meetings throughout the duration of the appointment
  • Review staff reports and technical materials in advance of meetings
  • Work collaboratively with other Committee members and stakeholders
  • Provide constructive input to help find solutions to local drinking water source protection issues
  • Contribute positively to technical and policy updates
  • Comply with the Rules of Procedure for the SPC (By-Law 2007-01)

SPC members must reside, own or rent property, be employed, or operate a business in the Cataraqui Source Protection Area. A map of the area is posted at: https://cleanwatercataraqui.ca/about-us/cataraqui-source-protection-area/

Term & Time Commitment
A commitment to participate in one to three meetings per year for three years is
anticipated, with a possibility of extension.

SPC members receive a per diem for participating at meetings (currently $200 per meeting). Mileage is also covered at the rate approved by the Ontario Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks.

How to Apply for the Economic or Community Representative
Candidates are asked to please submit the following information on or before November 11, 2022.

  • Brief written expression of interest
  • Current resume
  • Contact information (mailing address, phone number, email address
  • Contact information for two references

Expressions of interest and any questions may be directed to:

Kelsey Guerette
Coordinator, Source Protection

Cataraqui Conservation
1641 Perth Rd, PO Box 160
Glenburnie ON K0H 1S0
613-546-4228 ext. 252