school group learning how to snowshoe

Cataraqui Conservation’s Education Department would like to express gratitude to the Cataraqui Conservation Foundation for its generous donation of 25 sets of new snowshoes for our winter snowshoe program offerings.  We would also like to thank Trailhead Kingston for their support to supply the snowshoes with a generous discount.

While still maintaining ongoing precautionary protocols due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this past February and March, we were able to provide outdoor winter programming to more than 100 student participants and gave them a taste of snowshoeing.

students racing with snowshoes on

Children who took part in the snowshoeing programs learned about the Indigenous origins and techniques of snowshoeing. We extend our gratitude to the Haudenosaunee and Anishinabek peoples for these teachings of travelling on the snow with snowshoes that were passed along to European settlers.

Participants came away with a greater appreciation for the experience of snowshoeing and the importance of taking time to get outdoors for mental and physical well being. They had the opportunity to even try out snowshoe racing or simply tromp around enjoying the experience amongst friends.  Participants were even invited to find a tree to spend some quiet time on a cold winter’s day.

Here are comments from some of the Grade 6 students (and their teacher) who participated in this fun, enlivening and enlightening activity.

“I loved our snowshoeing day! Thank you for bringing those amazing snowshoes to St. Martha’s. Doing the snowshoe races was incredibly fun. Snowshoeing was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Thank you, Cataraqui Conservation for helping us learn and for the great outside fun.” - Dylan

studetns snowshoeing

“Even though I snowshoe a lot, this was one of the best experiences with my class. The snowshoes were very easy to put on, unlike my own. I hope you will come to our school again and please ...when you do ... bring the snowshoes!” – Emily

“The snowshoeing was the best new experience I’ve had! It was fun running around with my friends. It got me outside where I am most happy. I am proud of learning how to do it.” - Lucas

“I am so proud of myself for winning a snowshoe race. On behalf of our whole class, I want to say, thank you so much! It was a pleasure to meet Stana and learn her nickname.” - Gio

students racing with snowshoes on

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredibly fun time you provided for us by coming and bringing a class set of snowshoes and introducing my class to this adventure. The smiles and laughs were amazing to hear, and it allowed for a truly inclusive physical activity. We look forward to having you come again.” - Mrs. Ows (Teacher)

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Photo Credits: Gail Ows and Alison Bogle