low water levels on collins creek

Cataraqui Conservation confirmed a Level I Low Water declaration for the Cataraqui Region on June 24, 2020 due to lower than normal precipitation amounts, hot temperatures, and high winds contributing to lower than average surface water conditions for inland lakes and streams. Recent rainfall, while significant in certain areas, has helped to improve conditions, but not enough for the Cataraqui Low Water Response Team to change the Low Water Status. In fact, if higher than normal rainfall does not occur over the next month, the status may be elevated to Level II.

Members of the public throughout the Cataraqui Region can play an important role in helping the Low Water Response Team get a fuller picture of the low water conditions throughout the watershed by participating in an anonymous online survey. It is located at the following page on the Cataraqui Conservation website, along with detailed information about low water conditions and what factors are involved in adjusting the Low Water Status: https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/7955b90fe7814d0bbef6f9b870ec6da9

Any resident of the Cataraqui Region who relies on well water for their homes, frequents area lakes, streams and wetlands, farmers, golf course operators, and other groups or individuals who can make observations are asked to provide their input. All information collected helps Cataraqui Conservation and its water monitoring partners develop a more complete picture of low water conditions within our jurisdiction, and thus be able to enhance our analysis, response, and decision-making.

All information gleaned through the survey is kept in strict confidence. Your assistance is needed and much appreciated.

We thank, in advance, all those who choose to fill out the survey. You are helping to ensure you, your family, and neighbours continue to have an adequate supply of fresh water, and a sustainable quality of life.

See below for Low Water Status terminology:

Level I – First indication of a potential water supply problem, managed through water conservation; 10% voluntary conservation by the public is requested.

Level II ‘Moderate’ – A potentially serious problem, managed through water conservation and restrictions on non-essential water use; 20% voluntary conservation by the public is requested.

Level III ‘Severe’ – Water supply fails to meet demand, managed through water conservation, restrictions, and regulation of water use.