closed sign and broken boardwalk

Cataraqui Conservation is immediately closing the southernmost portion of the Marshlands Conservation Area trail for public use, from Greenview Drive to the end of the boardwalk for the foreseeable future.

This move is necessary as recent surveys and assessments of the boardwalk have revealed that its structural integrity is poor as well as use of the trail requires the public to cross an active railway line in two locations.

The boardwalks were installed by the Rideau Trail Association in the early 1980s with the support of Cataraqui Conservation, becoming a significant part of what is now known as the Marshlands Conservation Area, and an increasingly popular spot for walking, running and nature observation. In the subsequent 40 years, the supports for the boardwalk have deteriorated and despite efforts to maintain the structure, repairs are no longer feasible to maintain a safe walkway.

The Rideau Trail Association has provided a re-route by following the blue marker signage from King Street West to Greenview Drive.

Cataraqui Conservation, in recognizing the safety concerns of crossing a rail line at an unmarked location, is closing public access to its property west of the rail line. The boardwalk west of the railway line will also be removed. Signs will be posted at the Greenview Drive entrance and users are asked to not access the rail line or cross the tracks.

The boardwalks will be removed for an indeterminate period while replacement options, trail routing and funding opportunities are pursued. If feasible, future trail routing will utilize Cataraqui Conservation Lands on the east side of the railway line.

Cataraqui Conservation staff would like to thank our partners and in particular the countless hours of volunteer efforts by the Rideau Trail Association members to maintain the boardwalks and trail system.