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Join the Friends of Mac Johnson Wildlife Area at their Annual Fall Tree Sale

Location: The Friends' Tree Nursery 4673 Debruge Road (at Tin Cap) - 0.5 km past the Mac Johnson Wildlife Area north entrance - watch for signs.


  • Saturday September 23
  • Wednesday September 27
  • Saturday September 30
  • Wednesday October 4

Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 (noon) each day

Species available: download the list and prices

This year, we are introducing some new tree and bush/shrub species to the Friends Tree Nursery and including some of them in our annual Fall Tree Sale. We are introducing the American Mountain Ashe (Sorbus Americana), a tree that produces clusters of small white flowers in the spring that develop into bunches of red-orange coloured berries in the fall attracting several bird species. The Jack Pine (Pinus Banksiana) is another new one to us and if you have poor soil quality and erratic moisture levels, this would be a good choice. We will also be selling Balsam Poplar and Bitternut Hickory trees as a part of our new introductions. A new shrub we’re quite excited about is the Canadian Serviceberry (Amelanchier Canadensis) or Juneberry. Early Spring, white flowers bloom along its branches, then by July, small green berries appear that grow to the size of blueberries and turn a deep purple by Fall. By adding these trees and shrubs to our existing line-up, we are able to offer you more variety for your home or business.

Our SPECIAL for our Fall sale is BUY ONE, GET ONE ½ PRICE mix or match. The ½ price product will always be the lower priced products. We accept cash, credit card, debit or e-transfer.

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